Who we are ?

Vincent Martin and Jonathan, both sommeliers, opened Le Vin En Bouche in August 2012.

Located in a perfect spot in the 6th arrondissement, this wine cellar welcomes you for lunch as well as dinner.

What is outstanding about this cellar is that they primarily offer artisanal wines.






Testimony by Philippe Taverny


Officially, it’s a restaurant.

But in their hearts, Vincent and Jonathan see themselves as wine specialists.

So you can have a bite here, but when you leave you wonder : is it the wine that makes the meal or is it the meal that makes the wine ?

To succeed in such a marriage, the partners do their utmost.

Where do they find their wines ? it is worth examing the matter. Indeed, how does one navigate among the multiple appellations of the wines in France of which France is so proud.

They have a secret. Among the great number of wine makers, they know how to find THE wine maker.

Being artisans themselves, they know how to find the artisan who crafts his wine with passion. They succeed in discovering outstanding wines and thus creating their own special cuvee.

The wines are served with local food, selected with love in order to accompany the wines that tell their own stories.